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What is a Test Drive ?

The demos provided on this page allow you to try proven enterprise cloud solutions for free. This means you get to test drive fast, flexible, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions without having to build it or pay for it yourself. All of the demos feature introductory videos and documentation to help guide through it, step-by-step. Simply select the “Try it now” button to launch the demo and set up your access.

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NetApp Private Storage For Microsoft Azure

In this Fast Start demo, you’ll see how NetApp’s Private Storage for Azure (or “NPS”) can be used to help create a personalized recommendations feature on an e-commerce web site. The site’s data resides in NPS, which is in a co-location facility controlled by the client, who owns the data. This showcases how you can extend your infrastructure to the cloud, where the computing takes place, thereby gaining the benefits of elasticity while maintaining control over your data.

NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure enables your enterprise to build an agile, high-performance cloud infrastructure that balances private and public cloud resources to optimize business outcomes. NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure enables you to leverage the performance, agility, and control of private NetApp storage resources with the savings and elasticity benefits of Microsoft Azure. This capability enables your organization to simply and securely extend into the cloud to enable massive scalability as you need it. And it allows workloads to move seamlessly across cloud resources.


Graph DB Exploration with Neo4j

Neo4j is an open-source graph database, implemented in Java. The developers of Neo4j describe it as an “embedded, disk-based, fully transactional Java persistence engine that stores data structured in graphs rather than in tables”. Neo4j is the most popular graph database.

In this test drive you’ll be able to actually execute queries in Neo4j, using data samples for real-life scenarios like fraud detection in the banking industry, as well as a csv file containing data for an organizations employee structure. This will show you realistic previews of Neo4j’s graphing and analytical capabilities, as well as demonstrate how this solution can be applied to real world business scenarios. Enjoy yourself with the automatenspiele.

Windows Server Cloud Migration with AppZero

Time is running out! Windows server 2003 end of life is July 14, 2015. In this test-drive, Sysgain, in partnership with AppZero, would like to showcase the process of migrating a sample .NET Stock Trader application running on Windows server 2003 to Windows server 2008R2.

HL7 Processing in Microsoft BizTalk 2013

Welcome to Sysgain’s test drive on AWS. Using this test drive, we would like to showcase our expertise in using HL7 accelerator on BizTalk 2013 & AWS expertise through implementation of processing HL7 flat files by BizTalk application and content based routing of files.

Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse with Tableau Analytics

Welcome to Sysgain’s test drive on AWS Redshift. Using this test drive, we would like to showcase the ease of use and power of building an enterprise scale telecom data warehouse using AWS Redshift and extracting meaningful insights into the data using enterprise visualization tool, Tableau.

As part of the test drive, we will create a Virtual Private Cloud for you and build a multi node AWS Redshift cluster. Also a telecom dataset is loaded into Redshift with few million rows. The schema for this is provided below in Section 1.4. An ec2 instance with tableau desktop is installed as well and ready for use. A sample tableau workbook is available on the desktop so that you can see a prebuilt dashboard and visualize individual datasheets. You can create your own workbooks and see the power of AWS Redshift and ease of use with Tableau.

SharePoint 2013 Integration with ADFS

This Test Drive demonstrates Sysgain’s expertise in integrating SharePoint 2013 with on-premises identity stores like Active Directory, using Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS), and implementing claims-based authentication in SharePoint 2013.

For the purpose of this test drive, one EC2 instance will act as an on-premise Domain Controller hosting Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Service, and another EC2 server will host a Sharepoint 2013 site collection.

Once the test drive has been launched, you will be able to login to the Active Directory and create new user accounts. You can then browse to the SharePoint 2013 web application and login using the Active Directory credentials you just created. Behind the scenes, SharePoint uses claims-based authentication and integrates with the Active Directory Federation Service to process identity claims issued by the Active directory, before granting access to the SharePoint application.

Rich Media Portal on SharePoint 2013

The purpose of this test drive is to showcase customization options for SharePoint 2013 on the AWS cloud with additional optimization using AWS services. The test lab provides access to a rich media portal experience, built on SharePoint 2013, where one can view videos and documents and create a social collaboration experience using Yammer/Twitter. This allows an enterprise to share videos, documents, and calendar events with employees and/or customers, and create a rich collaboration environment.

This lab has also been optimized so that all videos are stored on Amazon S3 and distributed via Amazon CloudFront CDN. This provides an enterprise with unlimited content storage and allows it to distribute content to its users with low latency, high data transfer speeds through Amazon’s worldwide edge locations.

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