Cloud Migration and Managed Services

Bring your business & applications to the cloud.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services are designed to help business transition key workflows and processes to cloud platforms -- safely and efficiently.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Sysgain is comprised of experienced engineers and architects who have a deep understanding of the cloud’s flexible architecture, as well as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and related service models. We help our customers use the cloud to accomplish their goals with the following services:


Improve the internal structure of your code so that your software delivers the same experience more efficiently on the cloud.


Run your applications more efficiently with containerization and scalable components, improving performance and flexibility.

Lift & Shift

Move your in-house applications to the cloud quickly and safely without needing to re-design the infrastructure.


Use containers to run your software more reliably across environments and the cloud, and make your applications more lightweight.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Sysgain consultants help customers understand features & options, source and evaluate cloud applications, build proof-of-concepts, estimate costs, and more.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement encompasses a suite of consulting and technical services designed to help businesses bring their products to the cloud, optimize cloud infrastructure, and develop effective cloud governance practices

Cloud Enablement Customers Include:

  • Cloud test drives of product.
  • Business-ready cloud deployments.

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  • Build out Cloud Management, DevOps, and Governance enablers.
  • Manage cloud services.

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  • Deploy product/solution on the cloud.
  • Develop cloud infrastructure.

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Managed Services

Uninterrupted support for clients, anytime & anywhere.

Our Support Services

Fully Manage AWS or Azure Deployment

We are capable of fully managing your AWS or Azure-based deployments, as well as any associated applications and databases.

Optimize performance and save costs

Utilize our knowledge of cloud and data solutions to help optimize the performance of your deployments while cutting IT and maintenance costs.

Unique Support Models

Our support team is flexible and knowledgeable; we can help you choose the right support model based on your specific needs.

Post-Production Monitoring & Reporting

Ensure your product’s success with our ongoing support; we can monitor deployments, report issues and status, and more.

On-Site and Global Resources

Our support teams span from on-site locations to across the globe. You can trust that a Sysgain support representative will always be there.

Managed Services

Office 365/Azure

Support for Azure/Office 365 products and services: SQL azure, VM, SharePoint Online, etc.

Monitoring via Microsoft & custom scripts and tools

Automation via Chef, Powershell, and ARM Templates

Patch Management of OS

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Live Troubleshooting support

Outsourced monitoring and operations support

Monitoring & Operations support
via staff augmentation

Amazon Web Services

Support for AWS products and services: ECS, EBS, ELB, S3, RDS, Redshift, etc.

Monitoring via CloudWatch, Datadog, and Custom Scripts & Tools

Automation via Chef & Cloudformation

Post-launch cost optimizations using AWS and 3rd-party tools

Patch Management of OS

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Monitoring & Operations Support
via Staff Augmentation/Outsourced