Data and Analytics

Gain valuable insights with business intelligence solutions.

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data & Analytics solutions gather information from business operations and customer interactions, then analyze it to yield valuable insights.

Master your data -- Engineer success

Data is a major part of strategic planning for many enterprises. Companies across various industries use data solutions to allow for quick but calculated decision-making, often while also fueling innovation and rapid growth. But for many companies, choosing the right data solutions is complicated by varying budgets, IT infrastructure, industry needs, and more.

At Sysgain, we understand data, and have more the 10 years of experience working with data solutions ranging from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift and Tableau. Our teams are capable of analyzing your company’s current infrastructure and needs, and implementing the data solution that would keep your business on top of its game, in touch with its customers, and ahead of the competition.

Master Data Management and Data Quality

Master your data with help from Sysgain’s experienced data management team. We give our clients power over their data and make it easier to control by enriching sources and providing data stewardship so they can clean, enrich, search, identify, and merge customer data.

Data collected from various channels and front-end facing systems are fed through our real-time MDM process, and then the data is fed to CRM systems so that our clients can make sense of it and gain key insights with ease.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) systems are greatly improving the way firms do business across various industries. With the right system in place, a firm can gain key insights into their overall business performance, the qualities and segments of their customer base, and the performance of their competition — all crucial for maximizing market performance and profitability.

At Sysgain, we help our clients build reliable BI systems by harnessing the power of cloud and on-premise IT solutions. We have extensive experience in both managing and deciphering large amounts of data, including but not limited to: building multi-terabyte-sized data warehouses, custom data marts, and OLAP cubes as part of BI solutions in the telecom, financial, and service industries.

ETL Architecture and Development

Every company has strategic business intelligence initiatives and reporting requirements, but often they are significantly different from those of other companies and other industries. Our ETL development service consolidates data and delivers an information infrastructure that is specifically designed to meet each client’s unique BI initiatives and requirements.

With Sysgain, it’s easy to collect and organize the data that’s important to your business. We have extensive experience in extracting, transforming, loading, and maintaining data from legacy data sources (access, excel), relational database sources (SQL server, Oracle, DB2), web data sources (SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007) and cloud data sources (SharePoint Online/Office 365, SQL Azure).

A quality-centric approach has always been a core component in Sysgain’s mission, and we embrace that approach in the way we design and develop ETL & data warehouses to ensure that reliable data is safely delivered to our clients at all times.