Collaboration Services

Collaboration tools like SharePoint can be used by teams and organizations to share, edit, store, and access files of all types--significantly boosting productivity.

Optimize your Business with SharePoint

Collaboration is crucial for businesses today. It can help you make decisions quickly, keep team members connected, and stay ahead of the competition. With SharePoint, users have access to an impressive suite of tools and applications that make working together and managing projects simple and convenient. With key features like custom sites, workflows, storage, and even social networking, SharePoint can be leveraged to boost your productivity and maximize your ROI.

Take advantage of all the SharePoint platform has to offer

Are you utilizing SharePoint to its full potential? Is your culture in need of a social overhaul to re-energize creativity and productivity?

Industry analysis suggests that most companies using SharePoint are not seeing their full investment realized. This is typically due to companies not taking advantage of everything the SharePoint platform has to offer, instead limiting their usage to only a few features.

Stop depriving your business of improved productivity and higher returns. Sysgain is a leading developer for SharePoint, and we can help maximize your ROI through SharePoint utilization.

Our SharePoint Services

Sysgain is a leading developer for SharePoint, with years of hands-on experience and high-level certifications from Microsoft and AWS. Our development teams have architected, migrated, managed and developed SharePoint customizations across multiple iterations. Our expertise is available to our clients through the following services:

Plan, Architect, & Deploy

Our team of skilled SharePoint architects assist in planning, building, and managing the launch of your SharePoint 2010/2013 deployment.

Application Development

When possible, we use no-code SharePoint composites; for more complex cases, our team is capable of building effective SharePoint applications tailored to clients' needs.

SharePoint Upgrade & Migration

Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 or even migrate your SharePoint deployment to the cloud (O365, Azure, AWS) with Sysgain, a trusted and certified partner.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Ensure that your SharePoint assets are safely recoverable and available with Sysgain’s expertly engineered HA/DR solutions.

Optimize Storage

Struggling with your document & file storage on SharePoint? Get the most utility out of your storage capabilities with Sysgain’s SharePoint solutions.

Social & Mobile

Engage your team and access SharePoint anywhere with Yammer and other social capabilities, as well as custom mobile apps – all optimized with Sysgain.

Effective SharePoint Collaboration Platforms – Custom-built by Sysgain

Enterprise Learning Platform

Sysgain's Enterprise Learning Platform is a customizable SharePoint portal that provides integration of SharePoint pages with video content delivery platforms. It is integrated with Azure, Social Media and Yammer, handles rich media and encoding, and provides analytics & reporting on usage. It is capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users, and is designed to enhance organizational learning and professional development.

Learn more about our Enterprise Media Portal

Enterprise Document Platform

Sysgain's Enterprise Document Platform is a customizable document portal that serves as the wiki and document repository for an enterprise. It provides Azure integration, analytics & reporting on usage, and is capable of securely supporting thousands of users.

Learn more about our Enterprise Document Platform

Mobile Development on Enterprise Learning Platforms

Sysgain provides customized application development and support for our Learning Platform offerings, including (but not limited to) Windows 8 apps for SharePoint and Windows Mobile apps for SharePoint.

Learn more about Mobile app development