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Increasing usage of mobile devices means that businesses today of all sizes need quick and easy access to their most important assets and applications. At Sysgain, we know the value of having critical data available in the palm of your hand, and we're ready to help make your solutions mobile.

Sysgain has developed numerous mobile apps using SharePoint as a foundation, providing end users with the capability to access and share information across various networks and devices. We can help you realize your company's full potential for productivity and get the most out of your IT solutions by developing and incorporating mobile apps.

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Our Mobile Expertise

When it comes to designing mobile apps, our team is capable of building for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. In particular, Sysgain has proven itself with a record of successful and useful apps for Windows 8 and Windows Mobile devices. Our accomplishments stemmed mainly from building on top of custom SharePoint developments, providing users with a high quality and enjoyable experience.



taggle is a location-based mobile application that Sysgain developed in order to bring innovative IT solutions to the retail industry. The app allows consumers in a retail store to name a price on a selected item using their mobile phone. Upon placing a successful bid, the consumer can receive immediate confirmation on their offer, pay for the item at checkout, and conveniently take it home right away. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recognized taggle as one of the Top 15 most innovative products of 2008 at its i-Stage worldwide competition.


GainCast is an iPhone app designed specifically to integrate with Microsoft's Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS). GainCast provides an easy-to-use mobile interface which allows users to browse available content, stream audio/video podcasts from their organization's PKS server, and share content with their network, directly from their iPhone.


StoreScout is a patent-pending app designed for e-commerce. Specifically, it aims to add depth to a customer's typical shopping experience in retail stores by allowing instant access to services such as price lookup and guided selling, along with personalized product marketing. With the range of accessibility and personalization, StoreScout allows retailers to customize shopping experiences in a new and powerful way.

blufish swim

SWIM is a mobile app that gives teachers and students access to a mobile learning network, increasing the impact of education across the board. Originally developed in partnership with Blufish Technologies LLC, SWIM allows schools, training organizations, and other education entities to create, manage, and deliver learning solutions both inside and outside of the classroom. It also has a built-in assessment platform, which enables teachers to instill the key points of a lesson with follow-up quizzes and open-ended questions.