Boost creativity, collaboration, and productivity – all with one tool

Many enterprises today notice the need to re-energize creativity and productivity among employees. With employees, vendors, partners, and customers in multiple locations around the globe, and the fast pace of innovation and change, it has also become increasingly necessary for enterprises to build an effective communication and collaboration system. Sysgain's Enterprise Media Portal is designed to be a singular solution to both of these problems -- and more. Compared to traditional communication & collaboration tools like email, video has become an incredibly effective medium for enterprises to communicate with employees, partners, and customers. When this medium is combined with Social Collaboration tools, enterprises can take information and idea sharing to the next level.

Quick adoption + ease of use = powerful impact

By educating a company's workforce to capture their thoughts and expertise in rich media formats (Video, Webcasts, Podcasts) and share them with their peers, that company can change its culture from the top down, creating a "waterfall" and resulting in a "pooling" of ideas. Such learning and knowledge sharing leverages employee knowledge, potential, and creativity to deliver increased productivity and a higher return on investment.

“YouTube for Enterprise” - A versatile, proven solution

Sysgain's Enterprise Media Portal solution was created after many years of building such solutions for our Fortune 50 clients. We call it our "YouTube for Enterprise" solution, as it combines the latest web technologies with a secure content and collaboration platform to deliver a rich and effective communication and learning experience for employees across an entire enterprise. It is used by executives to communicate effectively with employees worldwide, to launch new product releases, for employees to learn about various new products and services, and to collaborate via Social tools like Yammer, Twitter, Lync, and more. The expertise we have gained over the years enables us to proudly deliver this solution at a very cost effective price without compromising the quality and security that comes with it. Our Media Portal solution is based on SharePoint and other components like media servers, media workers, DRM, and a worldwide content distribution network used to support and secure videos. It is also infrastructure agnostic; it can be built on-premises, on public clouds like AWS, Azure or Office 365, or even in a hybrid deployment. Our end-to-end service also provides content creation & publishing support, live event support, and technical support that allows our clients to focus on keeping their business productive through improved communication and collaboration.

A variety of uses:

Executive communication to employees

Our secure portal can be used by executives to communicate effectively with employees worldwide via live and on-demand video streaming, with real-time collaboration using Yammer and Twitter.

Learn about various product and services

Typically, enterprises offer multiple products and services, and most of the time employees do not have insight into such products and services. Our solution helps employees across the company to follow and learn about various products and services offered and provide constructive feedback and communicate via social tools.

Training and Knowledge Sharing

Our portal can be used as a resource for employees to easily access vital training materials, as well as a platform for team members across the organization to share their knowledge and expertise.

New hire Onboarding

Training new employees can be challenging at times, but our media portal simplifies the onboarding process by serving as central hub for all of the internal training videos and other media your organization uses to bring new hires up to speed.

Enhanced team collaboration

By integrating with social tools like Yammer and Twitter, as well as SharePoint and other components, our media portal serves as a singular, central tool for a team's collaborative efforts.

Find subject matter expertise

Our portal is not just a place to share, but also a place to search; employees at all levels can search internally or externally (vendors & partners) for expertise on a particular subject, and find it in the form of rich media.


Stream and store you company's webinars and other useful content through our media portal, making it easy to reach your intended audience directly and incorporate feedback and discussion.

Basic Offering Basic Branding
  • Site Heirarchy
  • Taxonomy
  • Home Page Templates
  • Channel Pages(e.g categories, topics)
  • Media Pages with Detail
  • Responsive UI Design
Rich Media Services
  • Upload and Download of Videos
  • Basic Transcoding(H.264/MP4)
  • Support for additional Media(Documents and Images)
  • Content Hosting
  • Embeded Player Webpart
  • Closed-caption support
Social Features
  • Lync
  • Yammer
  • Twitter
  • "Likes"
  • Share via Email
  • Site/Intranet Integration
  • Content Security Management
  • Channel Security
Basic Reporting
  • (Azure, Office 365, AWS, Hybrid) SharePoint 2010/2013/office 365
  • Development Time: Two Months(Excluding assessment period)
Advanced Offering All features in Standard offering, plus
  • Detailed Analytics/Reporting
  • CDN(Content Distribution Network, streaming/transcoding)
  • Development Time: Two Months(Excluding Assessment period)
Optional Add-ons
  • Content creation training
  • Administration/PM
  • Tier 1 Support
  • Engineering Support
  • CUstom UI design service
  • Mobile App development service
  • DRM solution
  • Channel Manager Support
Development Time: SOW-Based