Utilizing Cloud Migration Tools

Migrating your organization’s website, product, and services to the cloud can sometimes be a daunting process with a lot of upfront costs and expenditures for long term gains. A company’s payment platform, website, databases, and accounting workloads can each require different levels of care and caution depending on how vulnerable they are to scale. For example, an organizations’ payment platforms and website are more vulnerable to scale than accounting tables and database workloads »

Getting Started with DevOps

UPDATE: To dive deeper into DevOps on Azure, check out our upcoming hands-on labs! Register here – space is limited! DevOps is a framework that enables organizations to simplify operations between software and IT teams, so that they can build, test, and deploy a better software experience for their end users. By incorporating DevOps into your organization, teams that previously worked independently begin to collaborate more closely, which leads to faster problem solving and increased productivity »

The Path to Cloud Migration

Cloud computing helps businesses quickly gain access to affordable Information Technology (IT) and infrastructure resources without large upfront investments in hardware. The cloud is becoming the standard for hosting enterprise applications as organizations expand their services and strive to satisfy growing demands from customers, while maintaining high quality and keeping costs low. Cloud computing offers a clean and efficient way to scale companies’ applications and services. Cloud migration is the process of moving data and »

Cloud Migration with AWS and Windows Server 2003 [Video]

The cloud offers many benefits to businesses who decide to host their applications there: like speed, scalability, and cost savings. Unfortunately, cloud migrations are not always as easy as we'd like them to be. Depending a wide variety of factors, like data types, security, level of usage, and compliance requirements, migrating business-critical applications to a cloud environment can be a huge undertaking. That's where Sysgain comes in. Sysgain specializes in helping businesses migrate their critical »