Sysgain's Year in Review: 2014

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A lot happened in 2014. Not just with Sysgain, but with cloud computing and IT, in general. However, that’s a discussion for another time. In this post, we share with you all the big things that happened at Sysgain in 2014, and how we plan on moving into 2015.

First, about Our Customers and Followers…

In 2014, we decided to enhance your overall experience with Sysgain. You may have noticed some more obvious changes, such as our new website, or this blog, but we have also started to offer useful content to our current and prospective customers, such as case studies, white papers, free demos, and videos.

We are also taking steps to be more active in social media, where we hope to provide better, more insightful interactions with our followers and take part in many meaningful IT conversations across different industries. Please, feel free to explore the new Sysgain website, our social media pages, and more! It was all done to give you a better experience with Sysgain, so we hope you enjoy, and please reach out to us with any suggestions on how we can improve.


We’re officially certified!

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In 2014, Sysgain received Microsoft Gold Partner status and competency in Collaboration and Content. By strengthening our bond as a Microsoft Partner, we are better able to help build and implement the perfect Microsoft solutions for our customers. We also now stand out with our Collaboration and Content competency, which certifies that we are experts at planning, building, and managing systems that facilitate collaboration and content-sharing. With this, we are equipped better than ever to deliver value to our customers through Microsoft-based solutions.

However, Microsoft isn’t the only big tech influencer we received certification from in 2014. Sysgain also received multiple certifications from Amazon Web Services, including: AWS Consulting Partner status, AWS SharePoint Competency, and AWS Channel Reseller status.

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As an AWS Consulting Partner, our customers can come to us for reliable support and assistance in implementing their AWS cloud deployments. Our SharePoint competency is shared with a small number of other companies, globally, and establishes Sysgain as a preferred partner for helping you deploy and manage SharePoint on AWS. As a Channel Reseller, we are knowledgeable in the features and applications of the suite of AWS cloud offerings, and are more than happy to help our customers find the right solution.


In our effort to give you the best cloud and data services, we also partnered with AppZero and Tableau Software!

Tableau and Appzero

You can read more about it in our blog posts about our AppZero partnership and our Tableau partnership, but to sum it all up: these partnerships allow us to provide high quality cloud migration and data analytics services, using some of the most advanced and reliable tools in the industry.

Our goal is to help you empower your enterprise IT, and partnerships like these make it easier to do just that.


SPC 14

Earlier in 2014, the Sysgain team attended SharePoint Conference 2014. As a company that has much history with SharePoint, it was rewarding to be in an environment where we could learn from our peers and share knowledge with the community. It was a pleasure to be able to connect with our customers on a much closer level, as well. We hope to keep attending this and other conferences throughout 2015, where we can expand our knowledge base and keep building relationships with our customers.

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As mentioned before, we expanded our cloud computing competencies in 2014 so that we could offer you more reliable options and services for your cloud deployments. We expanded into AWS not only with partnerships and certifications, but also by attending AWS re:Invent – Amazon Web Services’ annual learning conference and trade show.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about the capabilities of the AWS cloud platform, and meet many other AWS experts. You can read more about our visit in our blog post about returning from re:Invent. We left with a better understanding of how our customers can benefit from AWS, and we hope to share that with you in 2015.

Another result of our efforts to provide more value in our cloud offerings was our AWS Test Drives. These Test Drives make it possible for anyone to try out our cloud solutions, themselves – for free!

TD screenshot

In 2014, we released Test Drives demonstrating SharePoint 2013, our Enterprise Media Portal, migrating applications from Windows Server 2003 to a later version, HL7 processing on BizTalk 2013, and using Redshift and Tableau in conjunction to form a powerful BI solution.

If you haven’t tried any of the Test Drives out yet, we highly encourage you to do so. They’re easy to start-up, and are designed to give you a hands-on experience of what you can do with the cloud! We hope to bring you many more demos in 2015.

So, What’s Coming in 2015?

To start off 2015, Sysgain is launching a monthly newsletter. This is separate from our standard mailing list, will be sent out once per month, and includes news and updates on company activities, new hires, free educational resources, and articles from around the web that we found to be particularly interesting and worth a read. This goes along with Sysgain’s plan to produce more useful content throughout the next year.

If you haven’t already subscribed, and are interested in receiving the latest from Sysgain each month, please subscribe here.

Another upcoming event for Sysgain 2015 is Microsoft Ignite, a 4-day tech conference in Chicago!

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What is Microsoft Ignite? To quote the Ignite home page:

“The best and brightest minds will be all in one place to talk cloud infrastructure and management, productivity, big data and the internet of things, unified communications, mobility and more.”

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Sysgain will be attending as an exhibitor, and will have some of our top experts available at our booth. We will release more details about what we plan on showcasing in due time, but if you’re planning on attending, let us know so we can greet you in person! Just send us an email or a tweet, and we’ll be in touch.

And with that: onward, into 2015!

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Stay tuned to the Sysgain blog for more news & updates, and please feel free to contact us via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn!