Sysgain Partnership: Chef

Chef Logo

Date: August 26th, 2016

Sysgain is pleased to announce that it is officially an approved Chef Professional Services Partner.

Why Chef?

Chef is a powerful configuration management platform that transforms a system’s infrastructure into real, deployable code. Chef has established itself as a powerful and very useful platform for modern businesses, and Sysgain is excited to work more closely with Chef to deliver streamlined, code-based, end-to-end cloud systems to its customers.

How will the Partnership Affect Sysgain's Services?

As a cloud & DevOps solutions provider, Sysgain utilizes the latest and most effective technological developments to deliver better services to its customers. Chef offers a flexible and automated platform that will support Sysgain’s DevOps and automation service offerings. Partnership with Chef will allow Sysgain to advance and improve its services in Cloud Management and Infrastructure Automation.

What the Partnership Means

Partnering with Chef allows Sysgain to use a trusted and reliable platform to automate complex data solutions. By partnering with Chef, Sysgain can build out fully customizable, automated servers that are built to stand the test of time. Chef’s powerful configuration tools empower Sysgain customers to perform valuable configuration management on servers. In short, this partnership means that Sysgain is dedicated to offering high quality DevOps and cloud automation services to its customers, and building strong relationships with technology partners who share that vision.

About Chef

Founded in 2009 by Jesse Robbins, Chef is a system integration framework produced by Opscode that allows developers to manage servers through writing code, not entering commands. Using Chef, developers can quickly configure optimized databases, LDAP directories, and applications. Some of the most prominent brands use Chef, including Target, Bloomberg, GE Capital, and Nordstrom.

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