New AWS Test Drive -- Tableau on Amazon Redshift

Test Tableau on Amazon Redshift

In this engaging and interactive test drive, users will see how Tableau, a data visualization tool, can integrate with the data warehousing features of Amazon Redshift to create insightful charts and dashboards for business intelligence purposes. This test drive will demonstrate how Redshift can be used to store a huge amount of data, while allowing incredibly fast queries and simple integration with BI tools like Tableau.

Users will learn how to send queries to a Redshift deployment and organize the results in Tableau, as well as how to quickly switch between views and dashboards within Tableau. Additionally, the demo also shows users how an enterprise can utilize petabyte-scale storage and scalability to turn a normally long process of querying a data warehouse for information into a process that takes only minutes, or even seconds.

Want to try it now?

Check out our Tableau on Amazon Redshift demo, here!