New AWS Test Drive -- HL7 Processing on BizTalk 2013

Test HL7 Processing on BizTalk 2013

In this Test Drive, users will see how an HL7 accelerator can be used with BizTalk 2013 in order to facilitate integration across multiple sources. It will demonstrate how BizTalk 2013 processes HL7 flat files, and how the files can be routed to different locations based on their content.

Users will learn about subscription-based filtering methods, and how the BizTalk 2013 server integrates applications within an organization – a process commonly known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Ultimately, this demo shows users how an enterprise can utilize BizTalk 2013 to connect diverse systems and technologies in order to facilitate automation and optimization of key business processes.

Want to try it now?

Check out our HL7 Processing on BizTalk 2013 demo, here!