"Cloud is the New Normal" -- A Look back at AWS re:Invent 2014

We're Back!

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The Sysgain team has officially returned from AWS re:Invent.

We had a great time attending sessions, showcasing our demos, and meeting other attendees. All-in-all, re:Invent was a fulfilling experience!

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We showcased many of our demos, including our AWS Test Drives for Redshift BI, Windows Server 2003 migration, and SharePoint 2013. Unfortunately, we did not get to Test Drive the Lamborghini (shown above).

Our Redshift BI demo received the most attention -- and we were quite satisfied to see that so many people were impressed by how Tableau and Redshift can empower most modern business intelligence approaches.

Many of our visitors were also intrigued by the pilot program we are offer with AWS until the end of 2014. With approval, this program allows us to help you set up and deploy AWS resources like Redshift with no cost to you for up to three (3) months -- a $6000 value. This, paired with a Redshift demo that visitors could try for themselves, generated a lot of positive buzz.

There was also quite the positive response to SharePoint 2013 on AWS, and the fact that Sysgain is one of the few trusted AWS partners that specializes in migrating and managing Microsoft applications on AWS. We may have gotten a few raised eyebrows, but they almost always led to conversations about how Microsoft applications can be hosted on AWS. We enjoyed having the opportunity to teach as many people as we could about the possibilities that exist between AWS and Microsoft applications.

Here are some photos of the booth...
re:Invent photos re:Invent photos

... our Test Drives (but not our Lambo) ... re:Invent photos re:Invent photos re:Invent photos

... and Andy Jassy (SVP of Amazon Web Services), pictured here with Sysgain's VP of Engineering and VP of Professional Services! re:Invent photos re:Invent photos

Though a bit tired from all of the walking, talking, and learning, there was a lot to take away from such a large and engaging conference.

(Miss the Keynote(s)? Check them out, here!)

However, after three days filled with fascinating sessions, great conversations, and shameless swag-collecting, one takeaway seems to stand out more than the others…

“Cloud is the new normal.”

This particular phrase was said by Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President of Amazon Web Services, during the first re:Invent Keynote, and it stuck.

It’s remarkably simple, and encompasses all of the changes and disruptions that have happened because of cloud technology.

The cloud is improving the way we do business, everywhere, and helping to solve problems that enterprises were never truly able to solve before. For this reason and more, Sysgain takes pride in its cloud services and consulting – and we are also proud to be a certified AWS Consulting Partner. We’re driven to help our customers embrace “the new normal,” and empower their enterprise with the cloud.

See You Next Time!

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Stay tuned to the Sysgain blog for more updates and insights on how cloud is “the new normal,” and visit our website to learn how your business can benefit from the cloud.