DevOps No Longer Makes Sense! Here's Why.

Before you start hammering this post with comments, what I mean by the title is that DevOps has evolved so much over the last few years that the term 'DevOps' simply doesn't make sense anymore. What it signifies is no longer related to just Developers and Operations teams. It applies to multiple teams across an organization. The principles and methodologies however, still hold and continue to evolve. (Also check out our other blog post: "What »

Chef Delivery and AWS Code Pipeline

Updated at 4:00 PM PDT , April 09, 2015 No announcement at AWS Summit 2015 regarding AWS Code Pipeline release date yet. Over the past few years, Devops has been a significant movement in the software industry. Many tools and techniques have emerged in the spaces of continuous integration and continuous delivery & deployment of software from developers’ workstation to production. I won't go into details of whose offerings might be better than others in »