Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services are designed to help business transition key workflows and processes to cloud platforms -- safely and efficiently.

Empower Your Business with the Cloud

Cloud computing is transforming the technological landscape in unprecedented ways. Businesses can use the cloud’s remarkable speed, scalability, and customization to manage highly efficient workflows and applications, as well as emerging technologies such as social media and analytics. Companies can use the cloud to completely transform their IT infrastructure, as well as other key business functions, while improving performance and eliminating costs.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Sysgain is comprised of experienced engineers and architects who have a deep understanding of the cloud’s flexible architecture, as well as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and related service models. We help our customers use the cloud to accomplish their goals with the following services:


Improve the internal structure of your code so that your software delivers the same experience more efficiently on the cloud.


Run your applications more efficiently with containerization and scalable components, improving performance and flexibility.

Lift & Shift

Move your in-house applications to the cloud quickly and safely without needing to re-design the infrastructure.


Use containers to run your software more reliably across environments and the cloud, and make your applications more lightweight.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Sysgain consultants help customers understand features & options, source and evaluate cloud applications, build proof-of-concepts, estimate costs, and more.

Our Recommended Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure features a powerful suite of cloud services built for business. It comes with many integrated services, making it easy to build your business solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) is a powerful cloud platform with highly scalable and cost-effective cloud services. AWS makes it easy to grow fast and innovate with your cloud solutions.

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